Believe It Can Be Done with BOLD Change

At BOLD Change, we live by four core values, at the center of which lies entirely re-imagined systems and transformative change. Our core values are:

Believe it can be done

Own a mentality of change

Lead with innovation

Do it better now

Today, we are going to explore what it means to believe within the BOLD Change model that transforms organizations and lives.

What does it mean to believe it can be done?

When transforming your business, simply believing that change is possible is an essential step toward making change a reality. Why? What makes belief so powerful?

If we believe that there is nothing, we can do…then there is nothing we can do.

If we believe that change is not only possible but achievable, then we will set out on a path to accomplish that change and goal after goal until we reach our destination.

So, we must believe it can be done if we want to accomplish transformational change—and enjoy the benefits that come with it.

Disbelief is a barrier to change.

Disbelief creates a mental barrier to change that transforms into a foundational problem when individuals or teams refuse to get on board because they think change is simply impossible.

There will always be people who are resistant to change—it is in our human nature. But overcoming a fear of the unknown, following in the footsteps of other successful leaders, and achieving measurable results from transformative change prove to always have much better rewards than staying in the same place.

If you know someone who says, “We do it this way because it’s what we’ve always done,” then you know the consequence of not believing in change, stagnation.

Believing in change implementation ensures success.

When you shift your mindset to believe that change is possible, you start to see all the ways in which you and your organization can improve your processes, practices, methods, and company culture. And you can begin to consider all the benefits that come with it—improved systems, more effective and efficient teams, a positive and healthy working environment,  and a clearer path to impacting your bottom line.

Change implementation leads to successful results, and if change implementation is not working, the problem usually is not the plan for change—it is the barriers to change within the organization. Most times, those barriers appear when team members do not believe that change is possible.

Belief leads to action.

When you believe that change is possible, it leads to action. Through action, we accomplish transformative change that improves the lives and work of everyone involved.

To set up change within your company and promote a belief in change, you can:

  • Identify what is not working
  • Decide what needs to change
  • Create a detailed plan for change
  • Make sure you can justify the change
  • Communicate the change plan to everyone and achieve buy-in to the plan
  • Seek feedback on the plan and adjust as needed

A part of believing it can be done is letting go of self-defeating beliefs.

The discourse around self-defeating beliefs takes place mostly within the wellness community, but when it is applied to a business model, the same ideas ring true.

If you believe in negativity, you will receive negative results.

Let go of self-defeating beliefs in your company, such as:

  • Change is not possible.
  • You are not capable of that task.
  • It will take too long.
  • It will cost too much.
  • It will not be beneficial.

None of these self-defeating beliefs are real. They only serve to hold us back from change.

We are asking you to believe in reality.

A part of believing is accepting reality and truth. The truth is that any business that does not adapt and change is doomed to fail. While a business can hold onto many of the elements that make it unique, it cannot remain rigid forever.

A sound business strategy is truthful in acknowledging the possibilities, the obstacles, and the reality of them overcoming those obstacles.

Progress in transformative change often ends when a business faces an obstacle for which they were unprepared. You need to be honest about all of the possibilities—the good and the bad—so that you can make the best decisions as you move forward and continue to push toward change that will completely transform your business and your life. That is the power of belief.

Believe it can be done, with BOLD Change.

Believing it can be done is a core part of the BOLD MethodologyTM because when you believe that change is possible, the transformation becomes possible.

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