Some thoughts from the
people who inspire us...

Simon Sinek - These are Not UnPrecedented Times

In difficult times, make bold changes and come out stronger.

Rebecca Onie - TED Talk on Health

Sometimes we just need to change the conversation in order to make meaningful impact.

Dr. John Ratey - Ted Talk “How Exercise Can Transform Our Schools”

Our kids are all living in a time of unprecedented inactivity.

Tony Dungy “Uncommon Success”

Everybody wins with teamwork, attitude, and culture.

Malcolm Gladwell on his Books

BOLD doesn’t always mean complex or complicated.

Rewriting Futures -  New Normal Amidst COVID-19

In times like this, it is important to stay focused on the meaningful nature of relationships, especially with our kids.

Angela Duckworth - TED Talk - Grit:  The Power of Passion and Perseverance

The power of being “gritty”

Simon Sinek - How Teens Can Meaningfully Connect Remotely

The importance of true relationship in business.